David Lobser

light clinic

light clinic

David Lobser is an artist and developer. He teaches animation and creative code at Harvard, NYU, SVA, CU, Parsons etc. His work in virtual reality revolves around the creation of luxurious senscapes that make use of procedural techniques in computer graphics as expressive tools. These projects include multi-user, location-based experiences (Flock), applications designed to produce flow states (Cosmic Sugar), and environments to improve set & setting for therapeutic purposes (Visitations). These projects involve collaborations with musicians, therapists, doctors, and scientists. He was a co-founder of Luxury Escapism, New York's first digital spa. His work has been seen at Coachella, Burning Man, FoST, the Phi Center, Mutek, Electric Daisy Carnival, SXSW, and more.

5:45pm - 6:15pm

Wednesday March 3

Visitations: Designing Virtual Spaces for Ketamine Infusion Therapy